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"Life's journey is not meant to be taken alone. Whom you choose to walk with you can make the difference between success or mediocrity, happiness or regret" –Gila Kurtz

Dear DIG Direct Team Member,

Serving dog lovers since 2008, Dog is Good sells wholesale and retail, operates a Pop-Up Shop business opportunity for dog lovers, and has over 30 brand licensees. The company’s product line consists of dozens of different product types, mainly apparel, gifts, accessories, and home decor, each bearing original DIG art and messaging. The products remind people how great it feels to “Live Life with Dog”. 

DIG is proud to share its new division, created to provide dog lovers, non-profits, retailers, and pet service providers with a compelling business opportunity focused on a movement to change lives - one dog at a time. 

DIG Direct™, the new direct to community division of Dog is Good, makes it possible for you to turn your passion and love for dogs into a business of your own. DIG Direct™ is helping retailers and pet-related service providers create new revenue streams while expanding their core businesses, and it is helping non-profit organizations create a “hands-on” fundraising campaign that creates monthly recurring revenue. This is a hybrid program, one of the first of its kind. 

 We had been building the Dog is Good (DIG) brand and building the business for 12 years before deciding to move in the direction of direct selling. The DIG brand was creating such emotional attachment it became apparent that selling through traditional and e-commerce channels alone was not allowing us to realize the full potential of the brand and not allowing the community to flourish like we knew it was capable. We wanted to be able to create a movement based on the premise of dogs helping people helping dogs.

As entrepreneurs, we have an obligation to realize our vision in an atmosphere of integrity – a shared tenet of all our team members. We invite you to turn your passion for dogs and desire to impact positive change for both pets and the humans who love them into a fun and profitable business.   You are in business for yourself but not in business by yourself.  Come be a part of the $100 Billion dollar pet industry, chase your dreams, and "leave your mark". DIG Direct is an exciting ground floor opportunity, backed by Dog is Good- an established brand with a proven proof of concept. 



Jon and Gila Kurtz and the DIG Direct Team

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If you are a California resident CLICK HERE for important information regarding your rights under the CCPA

If you are a California resident CLICK HERE for important information regarding your rights under the CCPA.

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